Kembang Kuning – Yellow Flower

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With this photo-project I remember one of the last Dutch colonial wars in Indonesia. With military actions against the Indonesians, the Dutch government tried to keep Indonesia as a lucrative colony.

This history got my attention in 2009 when I found an old yellowed portrait of my grandfather in uniform, when he was 20 years old.
I knew he was sent for military service to Indonesia, but about his experiences I didn’t know. Unfortunately grandpa passed away in 2005.
After research I found out he joined the Marine forces in Surabaya, East Java. Some of the veterans of his group were still alive. I interviewed and portrayed them.

Since 2010 I traveled several times to Indonesia to research the stories where the Dutch veterans told me about.
To learn about the other side of the history I interviewed Indonesian veterans and witnesses too. In 2014 I lived for half a year in Surabaya.