Strong Imagination 2009

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The relatively large group of people who lives inside a psychiatric hospital, gets my attention in this project. I decided to follow a group of people with schizophrenia. I wondered how they live and how their stories are. In the presentation the life stories are shown with large captions on the wall.

Sometimes schizphrenia develops gradually but can also manifests itself very sudden. Characteristic are psychosis. Like hallucinations, anxiety, confusion and delusions. People can hear, see or feel things that aren’t there and have a poor emotional responsiveness.

Erroneously people often think that schizophrenia is the same as a split personality.
Schizophrenia is then mistaken for MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). It is not true that someone with schizophrenia has many characters, they won’t suddenly act as a totally different person. It is also not a rare disease: in the Netherlands are about 120,000 patients.

The exact cause is still unclear to researchers. However, they do know that schizophrenia is a hereditary disease. It is known that a stressful life has much influence on the development of schizophrenia. Also drug use can promote the predisposition of schizophrenia.