Soup On Sundays (2008)

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One of the very strict protestant religions in the Netherlands have rituals and traditions that seem to stand apart from the real faith. People follow the rituals without knowing anymore why they do it. With these series I went back to my childhood memories of a strict religious youth. Therefore it became a very personal project. The faith is quite joyless and dramatic but still I see a certain beauty in the traditions.

One tradition was to eat vegetable soup on Sunday afternoons. The reason is that the Bible says, Sunday should be a day of rest. To prepare a meal is therefore seen as working. The soup have to be prepared on the day before.

Another memory reminds me of my grandmother when she listens to the radio channel of the church. Elderly people who cannot walk don’t have to go to the church anymore. Through the radio channel they’re able to hear the preaching at home. The funny thing is that the people in an ordinary church-service share sweets at three moments. My grandmother maintained this habit, by already putting down three sweets in front of her.

Furthermore, I made some atmospheric pictures, such as a bookcase with a collection of religious books and cassette-tapes of the preaching’s. On the backside of the tapes you can read: wedding ceremony, funeral grandma, etc. Another moment shows a little girl getting dressed for the church-service. When you’re about the age of 3, they expect you to go to the church every Sunday.

These pictures are staged. Like the picture when my parents and brother are posing. A few years ago, this scene was real. But today they’re not part of this religion anymore and I asked them to reenact these memories.